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Changing to and Jekyll

For a while I used Laughing Squid web hosting with Wordpress. I didn't like it. Nothing specific about Wordpress but it's perhaps a little full-featured for what I do. Which is occasionally write something and add some pictures. I don't need all it does.

I also don't need what Laughing Squid does. Even though $6 monthly is pretty good I don't need it when is free. Of course paid hosting has some advantages but I don't need those either.

The new workflow is editing markdown in BBEdit while viewing the result in Marked 2. BBEdit can preview markdown of course but I just like Marked 2. When something is ready to publish it goes into the _posts directory in my github repo and once pushed to origin it's published.

While I convert things to clean markdown there will be some period when old articles don't appear. Some articles, like the one about "Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Xcode" probably won't be converted. They have aged, and are no longer accurate even if it was a good idea to do that in 2015 (it probably isn't).

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