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Amiga 1200 Latched Trapdoor

Building my ideal A1200

I've been working towards the A1200 I've always wanted. There always seems to be something still coming or something left to do. It will have a 50MHz 68030/68882 card in it (parts in the mail), so it needs a ventilated trapdoor. After designing and printing a couple I found that after a few cycles the catch part would fail. Now there's obviously a problem with my 3D printing setup and printing without a fan may increase layer adhesion, or switching filaments may help. But this is a quick fix.

(There's another big problem with my 3D printing setup. I have a roll of Prusa Vanilla White filament. Looks great, is a nice match for the Amiga case, I just can't make it print. Their Urban Grey in the same material prints beautifully but as soon as I switch to Vanilla White the nozzle clogs and the gears grind through the filament trying to push it then I have to take the extruder servo off and clear it all. I have varied the termperature, done cold pulls, cleaned everything. No luck so far. Could have got a bad roll of filament? From Prusa? I don't think it is likely but I am running out of options.)

Simple latch

Very simple. The dimensions of the trapdoor and the inside ridge are the same as the original Amiga part, so every card should fit but please tell me if it doesn't.


Twisting the knob with the screw slot causes the latch to twist and prevents the trapdoor falling out. Twisting it back lets you remove it.


I printed this on a Prusa MK3S with an 0.25mm nozzle. The one you can see here is printed at the roughest setting available but still took 6 hours or so - must put that 0.6mm nozzle back on and see how it looks. And how Vanilla White behaves with that one too.

Where can I get one?

My account on Printables - free download.

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